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Personal data is information that can be used to determine identity. This includes information such as name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information that is not directly associated with the real identity (such as favorite websites or the number of users of a site) is not included. We take privacy very seriously.
We use the personal data for the purposes of technical administration of the websites and for customer management only to the extent required in each case. In addition, personal data is only stored if this is given voluntarily. As soon as there is no longer any contact, your data will be deleted.

At the time you contact us, you consent to this.

This website in its entirety, including the naming and the text, is protected by copyright. Nothing from this website may be used for other purposes without the permission of medium Ulrike Koch.

If data is stolen and used by Internet hackers, this must be reported to the police and has nothing to do with the service provided by the medium, Ulrike Koch. 

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