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Energetic Healing

I offer 3 types of energetic  healing.

I don't need any information   from you.

The  energetic  healing can be supportive, both for your mental path and for physical ailments.

The healing is transmitted through me as a channel from my spiritual team. I can visit you at home or do distant healing. 

Since neither space nor time play a role in the spiritual world, I only need a picture of you (for distant healing).

The spiritual world decides what is healed in you, because you only receive high, valuable energies, which you can also process. There is no too much or too little here.

An initial worsening of any symptoms can occur in days 1-3 after healing.

Every person is an individual and reacts differently (no reaction, laughing, crying, shaking, sweating, tiredness up to healing sleep, thirsty, hungry.....).

However, out-of-body reactions can also occur (changes in the environment/living situations in several areas, new insights and much more ) .

After healing, only drink enough water/tea and be sure to allow yourself rest periods. My healings last 6-8 weeks. After this time, you will notice it yourself and can now decide whether you want to continue this.

You can find out more about this when you first contact us.

My healings do not replace any  professional use of conventional medicine/healing practices and can only have a supporting effect!

People with mental health problems should not necessarily consider this, but it could also be helpful here.

  • Power Healing (approx. 15-30 minutes)

  • Trance healing (approx. 20-60 minutes)

  • Fernheilung    (approx. 20-60 minutes)

  • All forms of healing also apply to animals

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