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afterlife contact

Imagine yourself lying on the beach, feeling the warm sand on your body and smelling the sea. This is exactly what I answer when people ask me how I perceive the departed souls. I see them in scenes/pictures, I feel their pain/diseases as they died, I notice their character traits, likes and also antipathies. The dead let me see exactly what I'm allowed to see. It's the same with any feelings.

I also try to convey that these gifts are present in every human being.

Everyone knows the "gut feeling". And this is exactly what was only trained. Just like an athlete trains his muscles, I trained this gut feeling. The hardest part was... sending the mind into his room and forbidding it to shut up. At least for the time of the many trainings.

The mind isn't fundamentally a bad thing, but it also pulls the handbrake mightily in extra-dimensional things.

In the event of a contact with the hereafter, we will get in touch. I politely ask that I do not want any prior information whatsoever. You are welcome to tell me about this in the follow-up discussion. It's not a lack of interest on my part, it's the result of the evidence I give to you.

I can hold an afterlife contact at your home, in your familiar surroundings, by telephone or via video telephony. In the spiritual world there is neither time nor space.

Just open your heart a little!

You don't necessarily have to believe in it to be able to make contact.

I ask people who have mental discrepancies or are addicted to alcohol/drugs not to contact me yet. First you should heal yourself to be ready for messages.

I am happy to answer all your questions when you contact me.

I look forward to meeting you!

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